As an editor, my goal is to ensure your written work is clear, correct, concise, complete and consistent.

I pay specific attention to consistency and, without question, will find and handle issues in spelling, punctuation and continuity. This may include adjusting sentence and paragraph structure, eliminating redundant words or replacing repetitive words.

I also look at your book line by line as regards syntax, sentence flow and clarity. This may involve moving sentences around so your meaning is clear. Most importantly my goal here is readability, while maintaining your voice.

Depending on what format your work is written in, I use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, or highlights and comments in Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF documents. I’ve also edited books in iBooks Author and InDesign.

I am primarily a copy/line editor. I do also proofread. I am not going to re-write your book or make major changes—unless they are needed grammatically.

I run a very tight schedule on any written work, based on whatever projects I am mid and my authors’ or publishers’ needs. I’ve worked on a 24 hour return basis, or as much as two to three weeks.

I also promote my authors’ works wherever and whenever possible, and I look forward to hearing about yours.