Hi Katrina,

We’ve had a look through your edits and are very pleased. We knew this to be a fairly clean manuscript but you did catch some important errors, so thank you very much!

It would be great to include you on future projects. You’ll hear from me when the next book in the  Roxton Family Saga is ready (and be the first to read it too!). 🙂

Many thanks for all your help.

– James, Publisher

Katrina did a book layout project for me in InDesign.

It was a tricky project in two languages with significant requirements and constraints and an extremely tight deadline.

Katrina was just a dream to work with. She is very sharp, very diligent, very thorough, very detail-oriented and precise.

I am extremely impressed with her quality of work, sharp eye, and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve a top-quality result.

She is also very cheerful and a joy to work with. I couldn’t have hoped for someone better to work with.

– Gen Whitt, Senior Technical Writer at Akana

Thanks to this lovely lady my books are much cleaner. Give her some time. She’s going back for the backlist too. 🙂 Thanks for having me in this number Katrina Teele-Fair. And thanks for letting me drive you crazy with my turn times.

– Verleiz Lattimore, Author

To my editor, Katrina Teele Fair, and my proofreader, Sarah Lipinski, for all the help and encouragement.

– Linda Rae Sande, Author